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    Thanks... sorry I haven't been around much. But you know how it is. Hope you're doing good?
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    nice looking profile Summer
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    You're Welcome.
    Thanks for stopping by my profile.

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    Nice profile


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    Thank you!
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    Have a Super Boppin' Weekend!
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    Cool profile!


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    Hey, thanks!! :)
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    You're Profile name is worth kudos alone!


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    Why thank you! image
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    Hey Rach, yes poor ol Vin, he's heartbroken but I'm sure there are more than enough lovely ladies to please him hehehe. image Good to hear from you too. Hey you're never too mature and fabulous to get married it'll happen if you want it. Or you could be one of these rich ol ladies that give all their money to their cat!

    Love ya. Joey.

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    Thanks. It's called rococo, and it's a cool template to work with. I just added some personal touches here and there. I thank whoever created the template.
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    Hey, I totally am diggin' your profile! Very cool indeedy! Im still trying to figure out Yuku, but hopefully I have added you as a friend....cya later! toto

My Bio

Stuff I truly dig...WWE - back when it was good, (mostly) metal & industrial/goth rock nonsense, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ekin Cheng, Andy Lau, HK/Asian Cinema, Bollywood, Shahrukh Kahn, Aishwarya Rai, esoteric cahootery, coffee SNOB, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (et al), Ren & Stimpy, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Shakespeare, Poe, Dante, tigers, bunnies, kitties, dancing (maniacally!!), Peach Vodka (ah absolut!), tattoos, Buffy/Angel, Survivor, Reality TV whore (& yes I STILL love it), hot boys (totally allowed ya fucken wowsers). NO CARS, NO SPORT, NO SHIT. Definitely no fuckheads. Chur!!

Oh and this...


Dang, Mr Everett! image

My Occupation

International Enigma

My Hobbies

Bollywood, yo. I know. How can that be a hobby right? Well, for a start, there's the movies. Now they take up a lot of time. We're talking 3+ hrs in most cases. Then there's the dancing. Sweet! I highly recommend you look up Bollywood dance classes in your local area. They are a hoot. Of course, it would be remiss of me if I didn't mention the absolute hotties...


Mr Shah Rukh Khan - splendid


Aishwarya Rai

Reading is another one. But that's really boring eh. I might take up some really dangerous/adventurous things this year like skydiving or abseiling down waterfalls. Travelling is another one although I haven't been anywhere in a little while. Disaster! So much world to see not to mention plenty of my own country to get around.

And I really dislike a whole bunch of stuff too. But that's not for here.